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We back early founders with our capital and operational expertise.

Investment Philosophy

Our framework is grounded in forming our understanding ex nihilo, from nothing. From this first principles perspective, building a business ultimately boils down to the motivations and deliberate actions of people. While some enterprises may start with the actions of a single individual, the forming of a team eventually becomes paramount to success.

Once a cohesive collective of (incentivised and) driven people with a unified objective - in other words, a company - is formed, they enter a market where they engage in commercial exchange with customers and competition with other market participants.

Multiple networks are ignited.

With this view of the world, our lens is primarily attuned to identifying, promoting, and embodying the principles of passionate leaders with extraordinary teams.

Moreover, a view that puts people first delivers diversification and resilience as a by-product. Our portfolio spans a variety of asset classes, geographies, growth stage, and sector. The capital invested is solely our own, our skin is in the game, and we invest for the long term.

Our philosophy also highlights that people are fundamentally network-driven, which is why we take particular interest in businesses that enable or enhance the ability to form robust and scalable networks. The current portfolio consists of scalable businesses with high long-term gross margins, and includes blockchain firms, SaaS businesses and even brick-and-mortar stores.

Our global resources in recruiting, finance and accounting, sales and operations are made available to any team we work with.

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