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Blockchain Philosophy

Prosperity equates to a relative increase in the goods or services one can earn with the same investment (of time, work, energy...etc). We see that people have undeniably become more prosperous over time. This trivial fact tells us, notably, that the pursuit of wealth is a non-zero sum game.

Fundamentally, the true source of our ever-increasing prosperity is specialisation. Early generations of humans started with trading rudimentary goods/services for the same goods/services to be received later. I.e., I give you a meal, and you will provide me one later. A market is born.

Through the widespread proliferation of such trade networks, humans became the first to exchange different goods/services far beyond the limitations of our genetic and geographic boundaries.

Today, I could provide you with 5 hours of specialised programming labor in exchange for currency, from anywhere in the world. That money can then be channeled into virtually any form of asset or experience under the sun. The more specialised the nature of one’s work is, the more payment can be demanded. Specialisation boosts innovation even further by encouraging the investment of time into tool-making tools - e.g. the Internet! 

“The more human beings diversified as consumers and specialised as producers, and the more they then exchanged, the better off they have been, are and will be. And the good news is that there is no inevitable end to this process”— Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist

We believe that humanity will ultimately replace and/or integrate all markets & mediums of exchange with decentralised networks. The transition is already well under way. During this transitional period, a select few pioneering teams will emerge as some of the most formative contributors to a complete transformation of markets & society as a whole.

We fund scalable blockchain-oriented firms tackling big problems head on. For Layer 1 infrastructures: inherent value lies in the number of full nodes, the number of transactions and the long-term scalability of the chain. This thesis has been supported by a body of empirical evidence, most notably with Metcalfe’s Law: whereby the intrinsic value of the network is directly proportional to the number of nodes squared. As such, these factors form the basis of our initial analysis.

For Layer 2 solutions, we focus primarily on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polkadot, Polygon0x and Solana-based projects. We believe the entire banking infrastructure we are all familiar with today - whether that’s traditional Asset Management, Investment Banking or Corporate Finance - will be migrated to some form of interoperable blockchain network in the future. That's why we're especially intrigued by propositions that bridge TradFi and DeFi markets.

The cap table of regular token SAFT raises mostly consist of venture capital firms that seek to add a lot of value to the tokenisation aspect of the proposition. Our primary focus is on the Operational Company behind the project itself. In order to scale your business over the long-term, you will require human resources, access to capital, sound financial structuring, a cohesive GTM strategy and a grand vision.

We advise & consult founders on how to build an OpCo that thrives across all of these dimensions. Furthermore, we leverage our broad TradFi network to link pioneering blockchain projects to some of the most prestigious global investors & Asset Managers.

Fundamentally, our belief that people are inherently network-driven is why we take particular interest in businesses that enable or enhance the ability to form robust and scalable networks at any scale. If this rings true to you as well, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at

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