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We’re a group of professional innovators.

We’re a group of professional innovators.

At Kane & Rao Group, innovation is the name of the game. That’s why we place such huge emphasis on combining new technologies with the latest business and strategic insights.


Trusted by startups and multinational corporations alike.

Trusted by startups and multinational corporations alike.

The emphasis we place on providing unique solutions with the utmost customer service means we maintain great relationships with all of our loyal clients!


Our ventures span more than 10 cities across 3 continents

Our ventures span more than 10 cities across 3 continents

As a globally-minded company, our projects take us around the world. Exposing ourselves to international markets allows us to provide our partners with even more perceptive insights and solutions .

Ventures & Initiatives

Our Current Ventures & Initiatives.

Innovation Consultancy

Core Communication

Web and Graphic Design

Venture Capital

Textile & Fashion



Kane & Rao Consultancy

KRC is our consultancy wing. Services range from Innovation & Design Consultancy to SaaS integration in bigger corporations. Learn More

Core Communications

In mid 2017, Kane & Rao co-founded a communication consultancy named Core Communication. This new ventures tackles sales and communication innovation in the banking industry.

Quench Design Amsterdam

Quench Design is our first ever venture. Its services range from corporate web development to pixel perfect branding solutions.

Venture Capital

We occasionally invest in small ventures in an angel stage. We help them scale up at a rapid pace with the help of our network and experience. The ventures are primarily located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Got ideas?
Mail us at k@kanerao.com & m@kanerao.com.

Kane & Rao Textiles

We provide import/export services for textiles sourced from various production facilities in India to anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we build our own sourcing platform connecting brands with manufacturers across the globe: Source.Online.

Kane & Rao Philanthropy

Giving back is the ultimate goal of all KRG ventures. With this in mind we are currently setting up a foundation in South-Asia. The inaugural fundraiser is scheduled for the end of 2016. Reach out to stay up to date!

Kane & Rao Education

TechLes 2.0 is a concept we came up with back in 2013. The concept’s focus is to build an online educational platform to teach any student, anywhere. Due to the vast amount of resources required to execute such an idea we’ve given it to the public. Anyone who’s interested can execute and contact us for questions. You may read the business plan here.

Recent Works


Ricoh Europe Innovation Consultancy

We’re currently in the implementation phase of an innovation project for Ricoh-Europe. We’re integrating the latest SaaS technologies to further enhance...
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Ricoh Europe Design Consultancy

We are currently contracted to redesign several sections for Ricoh Europe B.V. This includes a website, brochures, flyers and more. Ricoh...
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ParkBee B.V. Design Consultancy

ParkBee B.V. is a parking optimising start up located in Amsterdam. Their website, business cards and promotional flyer was handled...
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